API Definition


Communication Protocol

The communication protocol between properties and GalapagosGDS API consists of HTTPS (HTTP Secure) transactions with embedded JSON documents. Note the following:

  • Only HTTPS posts to GalapagosGDS’s secure server are supported. Using HTTP will not work (GalapagosGDS API servers are not configured to accept posts over unsecured HTTP).
  • Communication is synchronous -- on the same socket, GalapagosGDS API reads the request and issues a positive or negative response, depending on whether GalapagosGDS API is able to process the request or not.
  • Content-Type of the HTTP Request Header should be: “text/JSON”.
  • Only connecting via our URLs is supported. GalapagosGDS does not support connection directly via IP Address, as this address is subject to change without notice. If the GalapagosGDS partner generally prefers IP Addresses for communication performance reasons, it may consider implementing an address caching strategy to reduce DNS lookups for the URLs. Additionally, if partner whitelists outbound connections, it must do so using a URL pattern rather than an IP range, as GalapagosGDS cannot guarantee a specific IP range / subnet.

Search availability Request (SA RQ)

SA RQ Schema Complete Definition

Legend: O = Optional

Level Element / @Attribute Data Type Number of occur. Description
0 from date 1 Start Date of the search
0 to date 1 End Date of the search
0 cabins array 1 An array that hold cabin adults and childs
1@adultsnumberanyNumber of adults for the availability search
1@childrenarrayanyAn array that hold cabin child ages
0 cruise_length string 1 A string that has {min} - {max} number days of the tour
0 category number 1 Cruise class to be searched
0 boat_type number 1 Boat type to be searched
0 boat_id number 1 Specific boat to be searched
0 agency_id number 1 Agency that is being searched

Search availability Response (SA RS)

The Search availability response message is straightforward: it is returned synchronously to update the property’s system with the status of the SA request. The status can either be Success or Error. If successful, it can contain a warning.

SA RS Schema Complete Definition

Legend: O = Optional

Level Element / @Attribute Data Type Number of occur. Description
0 boats array 1 Array of Boats
1@idnumberanyId of the boat
1@namestringanyName of the boat
1@descriptionstringanyDescription of the boat
1@photoarrayanyArray of photos
2@typenumberanyType of the photo url
2@photo_urlstringanyUrl of the photo
2@photo_namestringanyName of the photo
1@child_agenumberanyMax age of the person to be considered as child
1@min_agenumberanyMin age of the person to be considered as a passenger
1@categorynumberanyCruise class of the boat
1@available-toursarrayanyArray of available tours for the boat
2@idnumberanyId of the tour available
2@namestringanyName of the tour available
2@daysstringanyNumber of days of the tour available
2@departure_datedateanyDate of the tour to depart
2@descriptionnumberanyDescription of the tour available
2@departure_destinationstringanyDestination from which the tour departs
2@arrival_destinationnumberanyDestination on which the tour will end
2@available-cabinsarrayanyArray of available cabins of the boat
3@idnumberanyId of the cabin
3@namestringanyName of the cabin
3@descriptionstringanyDescription of the cabin
3@children_pricenumberanyPrice per children of the cabin
3@adult_pricenumberanyPrice per adult of the cabin
3@single_supplementnumberanySingle supplement of the cabin
3@agency_default_discountnumberanyAgency default discount of the cabin
3@availablenumberanyAvailable number of the cabins
3@holdnumberanyBooked number of the cabins