Please contact GalapagosGDS Group before adopting any API

Quick Start

GalapagosGDS api provides an electronic interface for partners to update availability and promotion prices of the tour for the requested data.

This section explains authentication and how to send a request to the GalapagosGDS API AU interface for a live test.


To perform authentication, GalapagosGDS provides a unique url for every partner to connect to the API.

The API must be provided the following headers to be authenticated by the GalapagosGDS.

    "Authorization: Basic base64(email:pass)",
    "Token: {token}"

Request URL:

{token} must be in clear text in the URL to connect to GalapagosGDS API.

Availability & Prices update Request and Response

The Availability & Prices update request (AU RQ) allows GalapagosGDS partners to send GalapagosGDS request on Availability & Prices update. Below is a pair of sample request/response messages for Availability & Prices update update. For partners wanting to experiment with the API, the following requests can be posted directly to the GalapagosGDS interface at the authentication url provided. Make sure to include content type = text/json in your http header.


    "boat": "ocean_spray",
    "cabin_type": "deluxe_cabin_twin",
    "departures": [
            "departure_date": "2019-09-02",
            "arrival_date": "2019-09-06",
            "days": 5,
            "available": 11,
            "hold": 2,
            "adult_price": 2000,
            "children_price": 1500,
            "promotion_name": "Last minute $100 off",
            "promotion_type": "last_minute",
            "promotion_description": "Save $100 in your purchase",
            "promotion_policies": "Must purchase by November 28"
            "departure_date": "2019-09-16",
            "arrival_date": "2019-09-21",
            "days": 6,
            "available": 7,
            "hold": 3,
            "adult_price": 2010,
            "children_price": 1510,
            "promotion_name": "10% Off",
            "promotion_type": "promotion",
            "promotion_description": "Save 10% if you purchase by November 28",
            "promotion_policies": "Must purchase by November 28"


    "success": "Successfully updated"

Connect To Production

When GalapagosGDS partners are ready to start sending AU request messages to GalapagosGDS API to availability_prices their update they should contact their Connectivity Account Manager or reach us to obtain the right to use GalapagosGDS API. GalapagosGDS will then provide the necessary information for connecting to our live environment.